How to Make People Happy

Stop doing what you think they “want”

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You’ll burn out

It is exhausting enough following another person’s regime — or what you think is their regime — for your life. But as this becomes more and more of a habit, the list of people you are trying to make “happy with you” will grow and you will be squashed by everyone’s “expectations.”

You’ll blow out

Ah, the terrible teens. My parents had four teenagers living under one roof at one time, and whenever anyone found out they would always have a comparable reaction.

The grapevine is alive and well

Your friends know your friends. This fact is a massive part of Facebook’s friend suggestion algorithm for a reason.

“Respect, man, Respect”

When you have the confidence to live your own life and to live it without forcing others to live it as well. It is respectable when you are okay with the fact that you disagree with them on whether to eat meat, watch magic-laden movies, or pray before you eat.

We can’t make everyone happy

We probably can’t make anyone happy. Because their happiness is essentially up to them.

So… making people happy?

Stop trying so hard, and just live honestly.

Don’t make people happy?

Yes and no, we shouldn’t try to make people happy with us. That can only lead to lies and the ensuing heartache. Instead, we should take the time to live honestly and to pursue our own contentment separate from their emotional state.

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